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  • Pool Cleaning  Provides weekly professional inspections of pool equipment, chemical balancing and sanitation, debris removal, which includes emptying pump and skimmer baskets, netting, vacuuming, brushing, and back washing D.E. Filters. 

Deep Clean dirty.jpg
Deep clean clean.jpg
  • Filter Cleaning:   Complete filter disassembly, thoroughly washed, inspected, and resealed. 

Dirty Filter.jpg
Clean Filter.jpg
  • Deep Cleaning:   Expert pool technician who inspects equipment, Vacuum or portable pump the pool, balance chemistry levels, treats for bacteria and algae, remove debris, clean pump and skimmer baskets, net, brush, and back wash D.E. Filters. Per a visit cleaning for pools that are within acceptable chemical ranges and are especially dirty, but not too dirty to be Drain & Cleaned.

Dirty Pool.jpg
Clean Pool.jpg
  • Drain & Cleaning:   A three visit job designed to correct neglected pools with severe chemical imbalances or significant organic matter. We inspect your equipment for damage or wear, drain the water, extract debris, power wash the pool walls, clean the filter, and after the pool is refilled, we add the start up chemicals.

  • Inspection:   Professional inspection of pool equipment

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